About me


My name is Izzi otherwise known as Princess of the Unicorns, i am a lover of Kale and Sunshine.

Currently living in London, UK

My mission (which i have well and truly accepted) is to spread positive, glowing vibes across this planet we live on (and beyond.)  

I am very blessed to be able to live a fantastically active life doing the following awesome things

  • I am a Magical personal trainer, and coach at Park View Health Clubs – to book a consultation and to find out more about how you can train with me then please contact me (I am currently taking on a limited number of new clients)
  • I am proud to be a plant based athlete and have been vegan for just over 6 years. My own transformation has been while vegan.
  • Between now and 2018 i will be speaking about vegan fitness at various events including Vegan life live and i will be on the the fitness panel at Vevolution
  • I absolutely love cooking and baking and have been sharing my plant based recipes on my instagram for the last couple of years but I am now using my site to upload even more of my day to day recipes and am looking to bring out an ebook.
  • I host events and classes. I currently run my Unicorn Booty class in collaboration with Protein Haus
  • I am sponsored and affiliated with the amazing plant powered guys at Vivolife
  • I do have a you tube channel but i am taking a break from uploading any new content at the moment while i work on my blog. Feel free to check out some of my videos though.

I started off with just my sharing my own food and fitness on my Instagram page, through my daily posts and stories. As time has gone on i have been inundated by the encouragement from my followers to share more of my life. I’m excited to finally have my own lil’ space where i can share what i’m passionate about.

Please use my contact page to get in touch for collaborations and press