Gym talk part one

Seems like everybody these days has a gym membership right? Sitting on the train you’re never far away from overhearing somebody talking about their workout. It’s like the whole world goes to the gym!

..Apart from you?

I get a lot of messages and questions from you guys asking about how to get started on your fitness journey and gym related questions. Although you don’t have to join a gym, generally being a member of one will give you the safe, clean environment and equipment that you need. Plus, there should be qualified, friendly personal trainers on hand if you need them.

Here are a few tips and handy hints to get you started and on your way.

Pick a gym thats right for you!

Budget gyms tend to have longer opening hours, cheaper memberships and more equipment but they can be very busy, classes are very monotonous and they tend to lack any character. If you prefer to chose an independent gym then you’ll tend you find they can be less busy, perhaps have more interesting classes and a personalised vibe. Saying that, the opening hours can be shorter and membership may cost more. Shop around! Go visit a few and ask for a day pass and a tour – all gyms should be happy to offer this to you if they want you to potentially become one of their members!

Get to know the place!

Most gyms offer an induction by a trainer or fitness instructor when you sign up. Definitely take them up on this – ask them to show you any machines you like the look of – they should then tell you how to use them safely  and be able to demo. Also ask them about the different classes the gym offers. Go to the gym at different times to see what the atmosphere is like and how busy it is. Check areas for best selfies – good lighting is very important! (ha, this is totally optional)

Don’t feel alone

When i first started going to a gym i felt so lost but i remember seeing one of the personal trainers and really liked the way she came across. She was confident, strong and had a great body. I attended her classes and instantly felt like i wanted her to be my trainer!

Although you may say i am biased because i am a personal trainer myself now, i do honestly believe that having a trainer and coach really helps! Everybody can benefit from training with somebody no matter what their goal is. Observe some of the trainers at the gym and ask the reception for more info on the selection of trainers they have. I would say the signs of a good trainer are that they are motivating their clients. They should be coaching them through their exercises safely and being attentive and focused! Ultimately, you have to get a good vibe from the trainer you pick and feel comfortable in their presence. Are they somebody that you want to learn from, do their clients look like they’re enjoying their sessions and getting results? I actually still have sessions now and again with one of my old trainers as its always benifical to be pushed by somebody!

Shake it up!

Don’t just stay on the treadmill. Make sure you mix it up. Make it your priority to try a new machine or new piece of equipment! Book onto a class that you’d never normally do. (You might end up loving it or make a new gym buddy! You may feel like everybody is looking at you and that they know you haven’t tried picking up a kettle bell before, but guess what – they really don’t! Most people are honestly just focusing on their own workout or thinking about what they’re having for dinner later! You’ll feel so much more confident once you try something thats new!

Put it down

Can you guess what i’m talking about – yes its your phone! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people sitting on the bench press and definitely having an extended rest inbetween sets. I have been  guilty of this too in the past! Checking instagram, trying to reply to an email or messaging your mum back can wait! Focus on your workout! You really don’t need to be training for longer than an hour so put your phone on airplane mode, make sure your fave playlist is downloaded and get sweating!

Lulu or Betty?

If you recognise those names then chances are you have a wish list from them already. I feel like its so important to feel comfortable while your working out. Wear what makes you feel good! (Providing its appropriate for the gym of course) So if you like to rock those tropical neon colours then do it, if you wanna be head to toe in black nike and addidas then that cool too. Test things like leggings out when buying and check they’re squat proof.. nobody needs to see the colour of your thong. Also have a think about materials and be aware that light greys and pinks can look amazing (my fave!) but sweat marks show the most when you wear these colours. I personally don’t mind this at all but if you don’t feel like looking like you might have wet yourself, then perhaps pick a darker colour! 🙂

If you guys want me to do a post about my favourite work out gear then comment below as i have so many leggings and sports bras!

I really hope this has helped answer some of your pre gym nerves! Please pop a comment below if you have anymore questions and i’d love to hear your thoughts on this post! ♥︎

Ps: What do you want me to talk about or show you next?


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